We have a proven track record.

Value Chain Building

"CRIBE's support was not only financial but also in bringing together stakeholders ready to invest in innovative solutions."

Natacha Mongeau
Business Development Manager, FPInnovations

"Their openness to collaborate has been tremendously valuable to our work. They understand the needs of the sector and continually welcome member feedback to inform their direction. The strength of their relationships, connections, and knowledge continues to be a huge value. We see them as a key group working to collaborate and drive bioeconomy development."

Emily Vis
Manager, Industry Partnerships, Mohawk College

Bringing Innovations to Market

"CRIBE has supported us, and helped to catalyze two major projects that have been very successful. This enabled us to develop both skills and standards internally that led to a multi-million dollar funded project covering all of Ontario."

John Pineau
Executive Director, Ontario Woodlot Association

"CRIBE has helped us explore renewable, bio-based alternatives to our product portfolio. CRIBE's funding program has significantly derisked our path to researching and commercializing lignin-containing products."

Andrew Pho
General Manager, Lancotek Products

Enabling Collaboration

"CRIBE has been critical in broadening our partnership network within the bio-economy and assisting in identifying research and innovation initiatives that are most relevant to industry."

Bill Maloney
Director, Industry Research Partnerships, Lakehead University

"Our first project with CRIBE has been excellent, it’s simple, proactive and adds value. I have had the chance to meet a new ecosystem for us, this was the best thing coming out of this new collaboration."

Stephane Beaule
R&D Manager, Soprema

"CRIBE brings value in terms of business development, industry connections, and funding to support relevant research. CRIBE’s strength is that it’s truly open and supportive of collaboration and moving industry forward."

Vanja Ugresic
Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Composites Research

Providing Insight Into the Forest Bio-Economy

"BIC's green chemistry accelerator crosses a multitude of domains and industries and we rely on partners like CRIBE to help inform us and connect with novel innovations and project opportunities."

Meaghan Seagrave
Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

"CRIBE has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that supports the work of the Thunder Bay CEDC to prioritize our efforts in forestry and the bio-economy."

Jamie Taylor
CEO, Thunder Bay CEDC

How do we do it?

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