Who We Are

We are the Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE). We help turn research results and innovative opportunities into realities, creating jobs and prosperity in Ontario’s bio-economy.

Who we are

We are Ontario’s leading forest-based innovation accelerator. 

CRIBE supports and develops a sustainable, profitable provincial forest bio-economy. We bring together researchers, the forest sector, and end users to create and commercialize innovative forest-based, low-carbon solutions. Since 2009, CRIBE has deployed more than $30 million in innovation funding, built the thriving Nextfor collaboration network of bio-economy stakeholders, and developed the ForestEDGE: the first-of-its-kind Forest Economic Development Geospatial Engine. We are an independent, not-for-profit corporation.

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Our Vision & Mission

CRIBE will develop and promote a sustainable, socially responsible, and profitable forest bio-economy in Ontario.

We will create and support a dynamic, collaborative network of stakeholders in Ontario’s forest bio-economy, acting as a catalyst to accelerate innovation, productivity, sustainability and profitability in the sector.

Our Strategy

We have identified the following four priority areas to guide our work:

Demonstrate solutions by supporting research, development and pilot projects.

In partnership with research and academic institutions, CRIBE will support industry-led and -supported research, development and pilot projects in emerging forest-based products and technologies.

Lead economic development and a culture of innovation and competitiveness.

CRIBE will drive economic development and foster a culture of innovation through the use of open collaboration and data- and information-sharing. 

Deploy commercial-ready forest-based technologies and products.

CRIBE will facilitate deployment of first-in-kind, commercial-ready forest-based technologies and products.

Sustain a high-performing organization through governance and management.

CRIBE will be a high-performing organization through strong governance, management and financial sustainability.

CRIBE Strategic Plan 2023-2028 Why Invest in Ontario?

What is the forest bio-economy?

From the forest to consumer products

The forest bio-economy encompasses innovative, low-carbon materials derived from sustainably sourced forest biomass and the supply chains that serve to produce those materials.

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Our Initiatives


Bringing innovators together to advance low-carbon, forest-based solutions.  

Nextfor is CRIBE’s collaboration network. Nextfor brings innovators together to build cross-sectoral partnerships and to identify opportunities for Ontario’s forest bio-economy. Join the network today!

Visit Nextfor.ca


Connecting the dots, using public data, to support economic development in Ontario’s forest bio-economy. 

The ForestEDGE uses geospatial tools to map opportunities for economic development in Ontario. CRIBE developed the ForestEDGE to provide investors and innovators with information related to the province’s forests, catalyzing the development of new low-carbon solutions that utilize the province’s sustainably harvested forest resources. 

Visit ForestEDGE.ca

Project Support

Through our funding challenges, CRIBE facilitates the deployment of first-in-kind, commercial-ready forest-based technologies and products.


International Collaboration

We work with innovators and accelerators around the world to identify opportunities for collaboration.

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