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Since 2009 CRIBE has been the leading forest-based bio-economy driver in Ontario. An independent, not for profit corporation, CRIBE drives the development of competitive and sustainable bio-economy industries with Ontario.  These industries transform renewable forest resources into novel new products, materials and fuels – enabling the development of a profitable and sustainable biomass-based economy.

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This beta version of the Forest EDGE was developed by Ontario’s Centre for Research & Innovation in the Bio-economy to promote economic development and investment opportunities in Ontario, and to provide investors with decision-support tools and information related to the province’s forest resources.

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How to Apply for
Project Funding

CRIBE provides financial support for the commercialization of research and innovation findings while transferring new technologies to industry in Ontario, Canada and globally. If you feel your project meets the Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy’s eligibility criteria, please send us your project business plan.

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To us, research and development isn’t just about creating new products. It’s about creating new approaches and bringing together the right partners. Establishing links between the forest products sector and the chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, auto, aerospace, and plastics industries.

Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy