Use of lignin-based asphalt concrete in a Canadian context

Project Start Date: 09/10/2021

Project End Date: 31/03/2023

CRIBE Funding: $200,000

Project Total Value: $1,455,000

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Project Lead: Pioneer Construction Inc.

Consortium Members: Pioneer Construction Inc, FPInnovations, West Fraser, City of Thunder Bay, École de technologie supérieure, Lakehead University, and Laval University.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to increase the commercial readiness of lignin polymers and fine chemicals through the commercial demonstration of lignin-based asphalt in Canada.

Pioneer and its consortium will achieve this by:

  • Performing all required tests on the bitumen, the bitumen modified with lignin, and the lignin-modified asphalt to ensure they meet provincial standards.
  • Conducting accelerated testing of the lignin-modified asphalt in a controlled environment at University Laval.
  • Conducting an on-site pilot demonstration on sections of road in Ontario.
  • Completing a full environmental and life cycle cost analysis comparing lignin-modified asphalt to conventional asphalt.
  • Communicating the outcomes of this project throughout the project’s duration, via conferences, scientific papers, reports, meetings, etc.
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Consortium Members: