Completed Projects


Bio Economy Technology Centre

CRIBE Funding: $7,145,816 (Completed)

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Lakehead BRI

Cellulosic Bioethanaol from Poplar Wood: By-product Value-adding

CRIBE Funding: $894,850 (Completed)

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Confederation College

Bioenergy Learning and Research Centre

CRIBE Funding: $467,212 (Completed)

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Lakehead University

Development of a process to treat pulping/bleaching effluent with fly ash

CRIBE Funding: $100,000 (Completed)

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Magna Exteriors and Interiors Corp.

Develop Wood Fibre Based Composites for Use in Automotive and Packaging Applications.

CRIBE Funding: $1,300,000 (Completed)

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Thesis Chemistry

Production of High-Value Oxo-Aromatic Chemicals From Precipitated Kraft Lignin

CRIBE Funding: $180,380 (Completed)

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Greenfield Ethanol

(G2 BioChem) Production of Value Added Products from Poplar Hemicellulose

CRIBE Funding: $1,791,119 (Completed)

Greenfield Ethanol Twin Screw Project

CRIBE Funding: $1,168,985 (Completed)

Greenfield Ethanol Anaerobic Digestor

CRIBE Funding: $888,413 (Completed)

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Laurentian University

Laurentian University School of Architecture – Demonstration Project

CRIBE Funding: $350,000 (Completed)

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Ensyn Technologies Inc.

Market Development & Product De-Risking of a Novel Renewable Fuel

CRIBE Funding: $1,500,000 (Completed)

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Domtar Inc.

Transforming of Ontario Forestlands Operations

CRIBE Funding: $22,000 (Completed)

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First Resources Management Group Inc.

Commercializing SkyForest Technology by Developing an Automated, Accurate Forest Inventory

CRIBE Funding: $108,765 (Completed)

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