Cultivating Regional Benefits Through Global Collaboration

In 2019 RISE, Paper Province and other Swedish and Varmland innovation partners visited Thunder Bay, ON to kick-off an ongoing bioeconomy-focused collaboration between Ontario and Sweden. Over the past two years, and as a result of COVID-19, CRIBE has maintained connections to Sweden through virtual collaboration and open information sharing sessions.

The second round of in-person collaboration sessions will be held in Sweden during the week of May 30, 2022. This web page is meant to serve as a resource library for the Canadian and Swedish organizations participating in the 2022 Nordic Colab trip to Sweden.

Plane Flying from Canada to Sweden
Canadian Delegation
CRIBE | Nextfor
Innovation Acceleration, Commercialization Support
Lignin, Bio-materials
Applied Research, Bioenergy
Business Support, Innovation Acceleration
Woodbridge Foam Group
Lignin, Biochemicals, Sustainable Packaging
Lignin, Bio-adhesives, Bio-materials
Mass Timber, Sustainable Building Materials
Woodbridge Foam Group
Automotive Foam, Automotive Plastics

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