Chief executive officer




  • University degree in economics, business administration, accounting , forestry or engineering  or a related field; and
  • Preferably a minimum ten  years’  forest industry or chemical process plant  experience in a senior management position.



  • Demonstrated business skills – preparing business plans, strategic plans, budgets, managing an office, meeting timelines;
  • An ability to work with minimal direction;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills – work with teams, lead teams, manage the Board of Directors, work with stakeholders;
  • Knowledge of the  forest industry;
  • Demonstrated planning skills – develops plans, measures results, ensures plans fit within a provincial, national and global context;
  • Demonstrated communications skills – written and oral with a focus on expanding the CRIBE brand;
  • Must be at a basic skill level in keyboarding, word processing and  spreadsheet software; and  have a working knowledge of accounting and bank  balance sheets
  • Familiarity with markets and marketing , and dealing with confidential clients and materials.




  • The use of a vehicle is required;
  • Must have a valid driver’s licence;
  • Position location is Thunder Bay;
  • Working beyond normal working hours and out of town travel (by land and air) will be required from time to time.


We thank all applicants for their interest, but only applicants of interest to the search committee will be contacted by January 4, 2017;

Reference checks will only be made of applicants called for an interview, after the interview has occurred.



CEO Job Description



Thunder Bay, ON


Position Overview:


The CEO will be responsible and accountable for:

  • Providing leadership to position CRIBE to lead the commercialization of research and innovation in businesses utilizing forest biomass;
  • Develop and deliver on the approved business and strategic plans, as well as overseeing operations to ensure CRIBE is an efficient, service-oriented and cost-effective organization; and
  • Delivering results on programs and priorities as determined by the Board of Directors.




  • The Board of Directors (nine members) and its respective committees.


Key Stakeholders:

  • The Board of Directors
  • The Ministry of Research and Innovation;

  • Potential Partners in the Forestry, Bio-Chemical, Bio-Product and Energy sectors, as well as Colleges, Universities and Research Groups;
  • Various Economic Development Organizations;
  • Potential Funding Organizations such as Private Equity Firms;
  • A wide range of stakeholders (Municipal Staff, Chamber of Commerce, other Government Ministries etc.);
  • Industry and Trade Associations; and
  • Various external product and service providers.



  • Establish self as a credible executive leader and resource such that the Board, the Province and the community have confidence and trust in the new CEO. This includes the development of a network of contacts as well as very strong and positive working relationships with the wide range of stakeholders noted above.
  • Develop an understanding and an overall appreciation of the business opportunities, as well as the relationships, complexities and challenges facing CRIBE.
  • Develop and document a process for the evaluation and funding of high potential bio-mass projects that meets provincial guidelines and standards. 
  • Achieve some early “wins” such as establishing a bio-refinery pilot as a marquee project to prove the commercial viability of research results within an operational bio-refinery.
  • In conjunction with the Board, confirm a vision and mission for CRIBE including both short and long term strategic objectives and business plans.
  • Create a comprehensive communication/education/marketing plan to begin to develop a “brand” for CRIBE.
  • Ensure CRIBE is seen as adding value and economic benefit to the Northern Communities it serves.

Position Responsibilities:

Board of Directors:

  • Works with the Board Chair to assist the Board in its development and effective functioning.
  • Prepares/oversees all documentation for the Board including; monthly/quarterly management reports for review and presentation to the Board, policy recommendations for consideration,  key business performance indicators, agendas and any other relevant information or directional options;
  • Assists in the recruitment, development and orientation of new Board members;
  • Supports the Board in ensuring that there is a clear performance management system for reviewing the CEO performance; and
  • Meets regularly with the Chair of the Board to review overall performance, strategic and operational milestones and to plan for Board meetings.

Business Operations:

  • As a primary stakeholder interface, strives to build and expand CRIBE’s image and brand;
  • Ensures the organization is recognized by its clients and stakeholders for quality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness of its services;
  • Protects the reputation and business interests of CRIBE through, a clear focused vision and strategic direction, prudent management of resources and review of major transactions;
  • Develops and documents a process for the evaluation and funding of high potential bio-mass projects that meets provincial guidelines and standards;
  • Works with partners to ensure CRIBE investments are on plan and the anticipated “return on investments” are being realized. In conjunction with the Partner and the Board, develops plans and strategies to deal with underperforming investments;  
  • Seeks regular feedback from partners and stakeholders and takes any necessary corrective actions;
  • Ensures CRIBE has the tools, systems and resources to effectively run the business as per all legislative, regulatory and insurance standards.


Financial Operations and Management of CRIBE:

  • Oversees the development of business plans and budgets (operating and capital) and then monitors and evaluates performance and the achievement of goals;
  • Monitors the preparation of monthly financial statements including the review of variances and revised forecasts to guide future decision making;
  • All remittances and other obligations are dealt with on a timely basis;
  • Supports the annual external audit process as appropriate; and
  • Prepares a business case for major financial decisions that is then presented to the Board for evaluation, review and approval.



  • Builds multi-disciplinary, motivated project teams.  Continually identifies and implements best practices ensuring an efficient, cost-effective organization.
  • Promotes a positive and progressive work environment such that CRIBE can attract and retain top performers;
  • Continually identifies and implements best practices ensuring an efficient, cost effective organization with a focus on quality and client service.
  • Provides leadership in identifying and defining marketplace opportunities and develops the business case to support appropriate action.
  • Develops and leads the execution of any new Board approved business opportunities in partnership with appropriate government, private or public sector partners, stakeholders and influencers;
  • Appoints, trains and monitors the Senior Management Team Development based on a clear and compelling purpose, boundaries, and rules of engagement; and
  • Demonstrates integrity and ethical leadership; sets the ethical tone, including directly overseeing the administration and implementation of, and the compliance with CRIBE’s Code of Conduct.



  • Establishes and implements a vision, short and long-term goals, objectives and operating principles that will clearly define the CRIBE business plan and improvements in overall service levels and effectiveness;
  • Develops and recommends to the Board the business plans, operational requirements, organization structure, staffing and budgets that support the strategic and business plans; and
  • Ensures the development of priority plans, performance measurements, management controls, critical success factors and strategic planning objectives.



  • Serves, along with the Board Chair, as the external spokesperson for CRIBE, including managing relations effectively with external stakeholders, such as partners, the media and government;
  • Oversees communications policy and ensures it is followed;
  • Provides the Government of Ontario with regular progress and update reports;
  • Represents CRIBE on a wide range of internal and external task forces and committees;
  • Represents CRIBE as the key contact for interaction with elected and non-elected government officials, business groups, trade and industry associations, etc.; and
  • Advocates, on behalf of Board, approved policies and procedures of CRIBE to appropriate partners, stakeholders, and constituents.



  • Manages and staffs operational and administrative functions of the organization;
  • Develops and maintains an effective staff organization which provides appropriate policy and program recommendations for consideration by the Board and its Committees;
  • Reviews changes in government policies and market conditions and determines the potential exposure and impact for CRIBE;
  • Identifies, prioritizes and achieves Corporate objectives as approved by the Board; and
  • Creates and implements a balanced scorecard based on the Corporate Strategy as approved by the Board that will measure Corporate Performance and evaluate results.

Please apply with CV and three (3) references to ceosearch(at)cribe(dot)ca by December 16th 2016